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Request #1: I've coded my interests meme (see previous entry) & it works but is quite slow (2-4 minutes running time for most users). Would any of the more experienced perl programmers on my friends list like to take a look & see if there are any obvious tricks I'm missing (warning in advance to anyone who likes their code elegant - I'm very much a 'bash it til it works' coder)
Edit: Now have several suggestions in hand - now I need to decide which to adopt and mak the changes- it may be a few days before I have time.

Request/Offer #2: I have a spare ticket for a recording of The Now Show this Thursday (got 2, but vectorious is now going to be in Northampton for work that day & not back in time.) Would anyone like to join me? (doors open 7:15pm and it's at the Drill Hall, near Goodge St tube station)
Edit: Looks like vectorious will be able to make it after all
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