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meme from vincentvanflash

If you were going to Mars and were allowed to bring:

One Book.
Oh, good heavens. Well, I've been meaning to re-read Godel, Escher, Bach for a while and I guess this would be a good opportunity. Or I guess the Bible for similar reasons (I've never read it all the way through, and would like to do so at some point).

As to fiction, I think I'd be inclined to go for a comforting childhood favourite. A Little Princess, or The Magicians Nephew, or one of the Malory Towers books. I've read them all so many times that I know I'm not going to get bored of them.

One Magazine. (assuming this means you'd get, like, a subscription whilst you were there and not just one issue)
New Scientist.

One CD.
Never been much of a music enthusiast myself. I mean, I like music but I don't have the strong emotional attachment to it that some people seem to. Off the top of my head, I'd go with the Beatles Red Album

One DVD.
Ideally, I'd cheat and get the Lord of the Rings Special Edition Boxed Set with all the extras, but that's quite a bit more than 1 DVD. If literally restricted to 1...hmmm...*wanders downstairs to look at DVD collection* perhaps Pulp Fiction, perhaps Blade Runner.

One Videotape.
The original Star Wars film, I think. Or something classic like Brief Encounter or Charade.

One Video game or PC game.
Morrowind with expansion packs included. That game is freaking huge! Plus as well as all the standard quests you get amusing ones like finding a guy standing in the river & having to persuade his friend to give him his pants back. Well, it amused me, anyway.

One Nick Nack or Keepsake.
Eliott (my cuddly pig) if that counts. A more classic nick-nack would be the glass bauble bought in Venice on our honeymoon.

One Photo.
Again, not big on the photos. Probably one of the ones from our wedding with us and all the guests on it.

One Board Game. (well, assuming there are people on Mars to play it with...)
Scrabble, maybe? I'd like to get better at it, and I think I'd probably get bored of it less fast than Monopoly, or Trivial Pursuit or any sort of gimmicky game (I like stuff like Pictionary, but you can really play it with a pencil & paper - you don't really need the game)

One Outfit of clothing. (Head to toe)
Hmm. I think it would depend if I was going for comfort or going to impress. To impress either my red velvet cocktail dress or the black and silver-glitter dress I wore for the Millenium, with a nice pair of strappy sandals in either case. For comfort, just a nice pair of jeans & my cuddly cream hooded top, and my blue canvas Converse shoes.

One Pet.(past or present)
Never had any pets I particularly cared about (just a few goldfish, mice, and a hamster when I was small).

One Candy.
At the moment Mars Delight, but I reckon Dairy Milk would be a safer choice - I'm less likely to get sick of it.

One Booze.
A good red wine, I think.

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