Liz S (ixwin) wrote,
Liz S

I think summer makes me nostalgic

A random list of things I liked and didn't as a kid

TV shows
Wide Awake Club (not Wacaday - though I did watch that - but the Saturday version with Michaela Strachan and Tommy Boyd).
The Great Egg Race
(when a little older - double figures into teens) Byker Grove & Grange Hill

The Wizard of Oz series
Malory Towers
Choose Your Own adventure books (esp: By Balloon to the Sahara and others by the same author - Edward someone I think)
Various non-fiction volumes on how to be a spy, survive in the wilderness etc.

Books I didn't like
The Twits
Anything by Leon Garfield
Various books studied early in secondary school - The 18th Emergency & the Pinball Kids (both, I think, Betsy Byars, both just stultifyingly dull)

Bunty through & through. Plus the occasional edition of Wild About Animals.

Toys & Games
Magic colouring books where you painted with water & colours appeared. Likewise some I had where you'd rub with a coin & missing bits of the picture would appear.
Lego - especially the electric stuff with motors & lights
A magnetic paperweight of my dad's with metal diamond shapes on it which you could use to make interesting sculptures.
Those little polystyrene planes you'd assemble from 2 or 3 pieces (I'd always get one in my Christmas stocking)
Some giant plastic Meccano stuff I had (I think it was called Baby-Castor though I have no idea why) from which you could build things big (and strong) enough to sit on etc.

Food - Sweet
McVities mini choc-chip-cookies
Orange or tangerine jelly (especially if I got to make it and could sneakily eat one or two of the concentrated cubes)
Butterscotch or Chocolate Angel Delight
Marks & Spencer's toffee popcorn
The toffee ice-cream sundae at (I think) Garfunkels with blue curacao sauce
School puddings of cake & custard
Just Juice grapefruit ice-lollies & mint choc chip Cornettos

Food - Savoury
Homemade hamburgers or cheeseburgers in a bun with cucumber & tomato
Eating a mixture of lots of different breakfast cereals
Spaghetti cheese

Foods I didn't like
Banana flavour anything
Also most strawberry flavour things


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