Liz S (ixwin) wrote,
Liz S

Idea taken from fluffymark. This is a diagram of who introduced me to whom on my friends list (which usually boils down to, whose party I first met them at for real-life meetings, or whose journal I first encountered them on for online meetings). People connected directly to me are those I met independently of anyone else on my friends list.

connectivity diagram

1): neonchameleon and taimatsu were both first met online, and at that time already had several mutual friends in common with me, so their positions are somewhat arbitrary
2) I have tried to use pencil for online-only connections and pen for 'met in real life' connections but I'm not sure I've been 100% consistent
3) I have split connections through mirabehn into two; those met through the Ardgour House trip (big week-long house-party in Scotland) and those met before or after that.

It seems that almost all my friends are either 'met independently' or 'met (ultimately) through mirabehn' which doesn't surprise me.

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