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Wow. How not to respond to criticism of your writing, by Anne Rice.

Dismayed by negative Amazon reviews of her book Blood Canticle she has responded at Amazon in a way which, well, contains lines such as You are interrogating this text from the wrong perspective. and I experienced an intimacy with the character in those scenes that shattered all prior restraints, and when one is writing one does have to continuously and courageously fight a destructive tendency to inhibition and restraint. Getting really close to the subject matter is the achievement of only great art.

This has the Amazon 'real name' tag which means the given name matches a credit card ID. Boggling as it seems, it is therefore quite probable that it is genuine.

You can find the review here but you may have to scroll a few pages back to see it (it was on the third page back when I went there). It's the HUGE block of Text With No Paragraphs. Review has now been removed from Amazon, but is still available at fandom_wank (link below)

And she can't spell Dickensian.

Found via fandom_wank who are, predictably, having a field day with it.
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