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I love my life!

Went to Cambridge yesterday, and made a fair start on my Christmas shopping, with carols & Christmas songs everywhere. Then went on to Stained Glass (the play written and directed by and featuring the_alchemist) which I really enjoyed (the funny bits were genuinely funny, the acting ranged from acceptable to great, and the concept was just generally well-executed). I also bumped into Ben Wardaugh and yvesilena (which was a lovely surprise), as well as meeting up with andrewwyld (who I knew was coming). Hung around chatting for a while afterwards, and then caught the last train back to Hitchin, accompanied by Andrew, who was staying with Matt & me overnight. Had typically fascinating, funny etc. conversations 'til about 2am before turning in.

This morning, we watched some random Dr Who (Invisible Enemy - fourth Doctor, first story featuring K9) and then went out to a greasy spoon at the end of our road for brunch (one of those lovely old-fashioned places where you can pretty much order what you want, even if it's not on the menu, so long as they've got it in the kitchen), then Andrew got the train back, and Matt and I wandered into Hitchin, and bought some wrapping paper, baubles and glitter. Came home just in time to watch the repeat of The Life of Mammals (which kmazzy recommended, and I have to agree is wonderful - Matt and I particularly liked the baby elephant shrew, which was ridiculously cute), whilst I decorated a bauble with glittery snowflake patterns, and then did some wrapping of the presents I'd bought on Saturday (although the sellotape went weird on me, so I'm going to wait 'til I can buy a new roll before doing any more)

Then I lit our Advent candle, put on a tape of Christmas carols, and made some mincemeat, upping my already high glow quotient least another 50%.

My life isn't always this perfect, but I'm fully determined to appreciate it when it is!

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