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LJ Interests meme results

  1. bill bailey:
    What Eddie Izzard was ten years ago, Bill Bailey is now: surreal, wise, and very funny. He's also a very talented musician, and is the reason why I can now identify Grieg's piano concerto in A minor.
  2. cathedrals:
    I love the feel of cathedrals - their soaringness, their detail, the effect of light falling through stained glass onto stone or tiles, the private spaces of the little side chapels. I'm intrigued by the little I know about the symbolism underlying their architecture, and want to learn more.
  3. edward scissorhands:
    One of the few films that actually makes me weep. It's manipulative but (like Wilde another film on my interests lists) so skillfully done that I am more than willing to submit to it. A fairytale in the best sense of the word.
  4. history:
    An amateur interest, as I didn't even take GCSE history, but one that I feel some knowledge of is essential to count as 'educated'. Partly, it's important to know how attitudes and perceptions were different in the past; otherwise it's easy to take as human universals things that are in fact peculiar to our place and time. Partly because knowing what has happened before helps us to comprehend what's going on now.
  5. marriage:
    I am married, and I think it is intrinsically an interesting state - two people who bind themselves together exclusively for life. How do different people negotiate that? How does a marriage of thirty years differ from a marriage of ten? What does marriage mean in a society where living together is completely accepted?
  6. philosophy:
    Very similar to my comments on history really.
  7. russell t davies:
    I first came across his writing with The Second Coming, and then Bob and Rose and Casanova, before the new series of Doctor Who - all of which I enjoyed immensely. He's a workmanlike writer - very much more the craftsman than the artist, sometimes a little too inclined to go with the tried and tested over the innovative; and his episodes in Doctor Who suffered by comparison with some of the other writers. Nonetheless (and particularly with his longer dramas) he writes stories that tick along like well oiled machines and are immensely enjoyable to watch. Plus, bringing back Doctor Who so successfully = a very good thing.
  8. stroking:
    I think I'll just point you at this entry
  9. ursula vernon:
    See ursulav and She's a talented fantasy/furry artist, but the main reason I love her so much is her general sense of humour and attitude to life - her entries are probably the ones that make me laugh out loud most often. When she's not being funny, she's frequently either being evocative or ranting articulately, and when she's doing none of the above she's still being an immensely groovy person.
  10. wu wei:
    This is the taoistic quality of 'being in the flow', of 'being at one with the world', of doing what one should be doing, naturally and without effort or struggle. It's a quality, or state of mind, that particularly appeals to me, and feels like the best way to be.

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