Liz S (ixwin) wrote,
Liz S

Stanton Giveaway

We're in clearout mode at the moment, so all of the following are free to a good home - ideally to someone who can collect them, but if we're visiting you by car* in the near future we can probably deliver.

*or by public transport for smaller items


Computer desk, 67cm x 98cm desktop, pull-out drawer for keyboard. Flat-pack from MFI in cherry effect veneer. Nicer looking than it sounds from the last sentence.

Orange plastic 3-tier rack, 62cm high. Suitable for storing vegetables, bathroom toiletries, etc.

Computer peripherals

Sidewinder steering wheel: attaches to a PC via 15-pin game port.

Sidewinder joystick: likewise

Sidewinder gamepad: again likewise

Lightgun for original Playstation/PSOne

Other stuff

Silver clock radio

Pentax Espio 738 camera (takes 35mm film)

Ericsson T10 mobile phone to go to the_alchemist

I also have a large bagful of random small items that I don't think a charity shop would necessarily thank me for: fancy (unwritten in) notebooks, novelty mugs, little keepsake boxes etc. If you're coming to see us any time soon, I encourage you to have a rummage and help yourself to anything that takes your fancy.

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