September 11th, 2002

Postbox Fairy


I can't believe it's been a year.

I heard the news at work but only started to realise the full magnitude and horror of what had happened on my way home, listening to the radio on my walkman. Then I saw the pictures on TV. I watched for about an hour, but I started to feel like I couldn't take any more of the same images over and over so I switched off and did something else for a couple of hours (tidying-up, reading...I don't remember).

We had a minute's silence at work today, which felt right.

I've decided not to watch any of the programmes about it which are on tonight - I feel like I know enough about what happened and anything more is none of my business - like I don't have a right to intrude on people's personal tragedies.

One very sick consequence for me is that I will never again be confused about which way the time zones run between here and the States - I know that when it was 2pm here it was roughly 9am there, and I'm never going to forget that.