October 11th, 2002

Postbox Fairy

Marriage 2

Well you've had my theory of marriage, now a bit more about the practise.

When I said I was waiting to work out why to get married before deciding to that was true, but it's also true that I was waiting until I was sure that, if I did get married, Matthew was the person I'd want to be married to. The things which finally made up my mind were

1) Time. If I've loved and stayed with him for seven years, it's obviously not some immature flash-in-the pan relationship.

2) The realisation that, even if I were to fall in love with someone more intensely, 7 years down the line I can't imagine that any relationship would be better than ours.

3) The fact that in 7 years we've never come remotely close to splitting up, and the closest we come to arguing is him getting somewhat testy, and me going equally passive/aggressive. Even then we both know what we're doing and why, and we always make up within about half an hour.

4) On a purely rational level, the fact that we are so well matched in terms of character, background, attitude to money etc. which means there are fewer stress points to overcome.

Anyway, got to go as it's the end of my lunchbreak.
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