January 6th, 2003

Postbox Fairy

Any more room on this bandwagon?

LJ Friends Quiz

-When did you join LJ? September 2002.
-Who gave you your LJ code? mirabehn
-Why did you join LJ? mirabehn very flatteringly told me she'd like to read mine if I wanted to do one. I'd been reading other people's for a while, and felt that this was a bit unfair, and I should be giving something back. There were a lot of interesting people I wanted to get mutually better acquainted with (that's you lot!)
-Who was your first LJ friend? All the people whose journals I'd already been reading. First new friend (i.e. person I hadn't met before) was taimatsu

Which LJ friend is the...(limit of 3 people)

-smartest? No-one on my friends list isn't smart. the_alchemist probably comes across as one of the most erudite and incisive.
-most informative? In terms of learning stuff I didn't know before, probably andrewwyld or the_alchemist
-most creative? Goodness...everyone.
-funniest? mostlyacat makes me smile often, as does kmazzy
-most popular? Don't approve of this question. mirabehn is my main nexus, in that most of the people I've met in real life have been through her, or through friends of hers.
-most obsessed? No idea. No-one in a bad way.
-wisest? casby
-sexiest? no comment.
-strongest? mirabehn demonstrates her strength every day but there's no-one on my friends list I'd consider to be weak.
-most poetic? gnimmel
-best taste in music? I have no taste in music, so don't feel I'm in a position to judge anyone else.
-most multi-talented? yvesilena
-sweetest? fluffymark or kmazzy
-most handsome/pretty? andrewwyld for the men and the_alchemist for the women.
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