January 19th, 2003


Two Towers Party

Just a quick post to say thanks to mirabehn and mostlyacat for their fab Two Towers party last night. Was my second time seeing the film - I think I still prefer Fellowship, but I do like it a lot.

I still can't get over the brilliance of the costumes - as soon as I know of available photos I'll link to them (regrettably forgot to take my own camera). There were even some of Eliott (the pig in my user icon) in a Gandalf wig & beard, and then in a David Bowie/Goblin King wig.
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Postbox Fairy


Going Underground - which London Underground tube line are you?


Your life has no direction. You run around and around and around, passing through many of London's tourist attractions, mainline stations and interchanges: as a result you are often overrun by tourists and accordion players. It takes you an hour to do one 14-mile round trip, passing through 27 stations. You are bright, cosmopolitan, and somewhat jaded, and you like accordion music.

One of the odder quizzes I've done. Not quite sure about the conclusion it's come to, but you've got to give credit for originality & the questions ain't bad.
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