January 24th, 2003

Postbox Fairy

Feminine Mystique?

Ways in which I differ from "a typical woman"

- I have never suffered from PMT
- I am happy with my weight and figure*
- I have no trouble reading maps
- I pack lightly and efficiently for holidays
- I don't spend ages obsessing over the state of my relationship with female friends or my mother
- I am less tidy than my other half
- I like action films as much as romantic comedies

*although this has not always been the case

Ways in which I do fit the category of "a typical woman"

- I intensely dislike, and am not good at, parking the car in tight spaces.
- I tend to phrase things more hesitantly than I really feel e.g "Don't you think that's a bit dangerous?", rather than "That's dangerous"
- I regard shopping for clothes as a pleasure, rather than a chore
- I like domesticity - cooking, buying fresh flowers for the house etc.
- I have only a passing interest in cars, football and gadgetry
- I wear make-up and heels, and keep a large number of jars of strange beauty products in the bathroom.