January 26th, 2003

Postbox Fairy

Urban Fairies II

Have just done a postbox fairy. Currently drying then to be given a final going over & scanned in.

purplepiano I think I'd like to take up your offer of an account on the fluffhouse server at least temporarily. Thanks!
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Postbox Fairy

Postbox Fairy and Buffy/LOTR crossover

Thanks to the generosity of those lovely people at the fluffhouse I can now show you the next urban fairy Collapse )

And also, for any Buffy and Lord of the Rings fans out there, my attempt to meld Once More with Feeling with Fellowship of the Ring here(only one song so far, but if the feedback is positive, and maybe even if it's not, I might do some more - I'm thinking Legolas & Gimli for I'll never tell)
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