February 12th, 2003

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Have 'come out' at work about going on the anti-war march on Saturday. No particular reaction either way (wasn't really expecting there to be one), but it's odd how it was something I was (at least slightly) tempted to conceal. I'm not even really sure why - it's not like it's a particularly unusual view at the moment (judging by recent opinion polls), and if you believe something, surely it's better to do something, rather than just talking about it.

I wonder whether it ties into the general taboo which there seems to be in mainstream culture of talking about "important" stuff - like religion, morality, etc. It's like we're scared that if we find out someone has totally different beliefs to us we won't like them anymore, or won't be able to work with them or something, so we don't raise the issue.
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Are the writers of Sex and the City trying to encourage people to write femslash about their characters? As evidence, I cite the following set-up from tonight's episode:
Carrie1 complains to her friends that she is extremely horny, as she has not had sex in far too long. Carrie invites Samantha2 to accompany her on a 3-day train journey to San Francisco for a signing of Carrie's new book (Carrie is scared of flying).

They get on the train. They have a tiny compartment. There is nothing to do. Carrie complains that "all this rocking" is making her hornier. They hear a rumour that a bachelor party is taking place, and turn up in their sexiest outfits, only to find that all the men bar the groom are married, and are not up for anything.

Very disappointed, they order champagne. They take it back to their cabin. They get pissed.


Next scene: San Francisco.

It's not just me, is it?

1 Our heroine. Been through some turbulent heterosexual relationships in the past - currently single.
2 One of our heroine's three best friends. Brazen, upfront, and sex mad. Bisexual (presumably, as has enjoyed sex with both men and women in the past). Also currently single.
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