March 18th, 2003

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Of course I wish for peace, but I'm afraid I can't deal with lost causes. I can't deal with putting my energy into something (whether it be petitions, protests etc.) when I don't believe it'll make a blind bit of difference*. I might make an exception for the protest on Saturday - I'm not sure yet, and if I do go, it'll probably be as much for social reasons as reasons of conscience.

So I've decided that, instead, I'm going to try to do good stuff in other directions, by doing things I've been meaning to do for a while but not got round to. In a roundabout way, it sort of means something good is coming out of all the crap.

So far I've got:

- take a mug into work, and start using that instead of the disposable plastic cups
- sort out my direct debits to charities and raise them so that they match my rise in income over the last few years (which I'll do as soon as I get off here)

*I didn't really believe that the protest on Feb 15th was going to stop war but I thought it might make Blair (or at least some of his cabinet) think twice, and I thought that even if it didn't do that, it was a witness to history and the world that the ordinary people of this country didn't want war. Arguably at least the second reason is still valid, but I feel like we've already shouted as loud as we can, and shouting more won't make any more impact.
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