March 23rd, 2003

Postbox Fairy

Daffodils and small furry things.

Today is my birthday, and also a year to the day since I proposed to Matt.

Since the weather was so gorgeous, I wanted to spend the day in the open air, so we went to Wimpole Hall and Farm in the morning which is a stately home near Cambridge with fairly large gardens and also a small children's farm with some very sweet gambolling pygmy goats amongst other things. After thoroughly exercising our "awww!" muscles at the furry things, and wandering around the formal gardens (which haven't quite come out of their winter dormancy yet), we consumed some restoring tea and flapjacks and then drove on to Cambridge which is abso-bloody-lutely gorgeous at this time of year. We wandered around the craft market in the town centre, then headed down to the river for a bit, and sat on the bank feeling very romantic (and somewhat nostalgic for our student days), then stopped off in a tea shop for a late lunch, and headed back to Hitchin via a garden centre.

So a fairly good one, all told.

On a separate topic, I've been told that the first Sunday in August is International Friendship Day, so instead of celebrating Drooling Fanbeing Day/Friendship Day on 8 May, we will be doing so then.
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