April 20th, 2003

Postbox Fairy

Easter activities

Have had a nice Easter so far. Done plenty, but not too much, viz

Have written draft marriage ceremony, echoing the Book of Common Prayer one, but hopefully sufficiently distinct to pass muster with the registrars. Now need to e-mail it to them for approval.

Have planted the shrubs we bought yesterday, and carved out a proper border between the fence and the lawn. Containers have yet to be planted up as I need more compost which we'll probably buy tomorrow along with bark mulch and border edging.

Have also been improving my page at the fluffhouse. Still elementary, I know, but I figure if I learn html gradually it'll a) stick and b) not feel like an effort at any point.

Have joined poetrychallenge for which the next challenge is a triolet, but am somewhat lacking in inspiration for a subject. In my opinion, the form lends itself to something humorous, haunting, or obsessive. I don't really want to do humorous, and have been playing around with ideas of dreams, or deja-vu, but nothing's quite taken off, so I thought I'd ask you lovely people for suggestions.
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