June 4th, 2003

Postbox Fairy

A preview of future entries and various other random thoughts

- I plan to hijack some of the interview questions posed by zorah and andrewwyld 'cos they're damn good questions.

- I may also elaborate on something about the difference between self-control and inner strength which I started to write as a comment in yvesilena's journal but then deleted as it started to become irrelevant to the original post.

- Have been messing about with relativity following an exchange with andrewwyld, trying to find some variant on the twin paradox in which both twins experience the same acceleration, but nonetheless end up at different ages when they come back together. Realise I've forgotten all the formulae, but shouldn't be too hard to gen up again. I miss using maths to actually solve or throw light on problems, rather than (in my current job) just as a sort of number-processing-device.

- Have also been fiddling around digitally with my urban fairy pictures, and will post the revised versions once the fluffhouse is back up. They're not very different - just a bit cleaned up with the faces better defined.

- Am looking forward to the party on Saturday - looks like a good number of people will be able to make it, and the garden is performing admirably (new stuff coming out before the old stuff entirely fades). By the way, if you're reading this and haven't been invited, it's probably because I knew you were busy, or assumed you lived too far away and wouldn't know enough people to want to come - if I'm wrong you're more than welcome, e-mail me (ixwin@livejournal.com) for directions.