June 19th, 2003

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Religion in general and Christianity in particular

It's been a while since I posted a religious/philosophical entry. This is quite a long one.

When I was a teenager, as teenagers do, I pondered the big questions. By the age of fifteen or sixteen, I had decided I didn't believe in God. The reason was simply that I had an idea of what a world with a God would look/feel like, and what a world without a God would look/feel like; and my perception of the world matched the latter much more closely than the former.

But I'm starting to think that my picture of what a world with a God would be like was insufficiently complex, which would make my reasoning flawed, and move me closer to agnosticism (I always accepted that agnosticism was the only rational position as we don't have enough evidence to be sure either way - what I'm talking about is agnosticism as faith if that makes any sense).
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Anyway - enough of such musings for now. I'm off to watch the J K Rowling interview.
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