July 1st, 2003

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Miscellaneous bits of news

I have been cast as Éowyn (plus various smaller parts)in the Lord of the Rings readthrough being organised by mirabehn (to whom, welcome back!). Am slightly intimidated, but mainly very flattered that she thinks I can act well enough to do it. (Edit: *suddenly wonders who has1 been cast as Aragorn and Faramir*)

1has? have?

Cut my time for running a mile down to 9 mins 13 secs at the gym yesterday. This isn't quite a fair comparison with my previous time (10'19), because that included the speeding-up time on the treadmill & this didn't (i.e. this time I speeded up over 1/8 mile, and then ran and timed a further mile from there whereas last time I timed myself for a mile from getting on the treadmill). Was more tired at the end than before, but think I can still push myself further, so it looks like 8 mins (the target I set for myself in adventurers) is comfortably within my reach, and I might even be able to get significantly below it with time. Did a bit more on the weights too.

Helped out at a Residents Association stall (selling pies, bric-a-brac, and secondhand books-some of them mine) at a community fair on Sunday and in the process got to know a very nice couple (mainly spoke to him, but she seemed lovely too). He's a former technical illustrator, who gave it up a month ago to work part-time with adults with learning disabilities, and spend more time on his own artwork (he works mainly on science fiction and has had some of his work published on book covers). They had an anti-war poster in the window, and a copy of New Scientist in the hall (both signs we're likely to get on in my book). And they live literally 3 minutes up the road from me - definitely people I'd like to get to know better.

And finally...Skippy the Goth Kangaroo. Much as you'd expect - fairly obvious, but made me giggle. Has sound though, so not suitable if you're somewhere you need to be quiet.
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