August 4th, 2003

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LOTR readthrough

Depending who else's livejournals you read, you may have gathered that there was a readthrough of the Lord of the Rings radio series this weekend at mirabehn and mostlyacat's house, in which I took part as Boromir, Eowyn and various other parts.

mirabehn has summed up the readthrough extremely well here and on her website here.

So rather than repeat what she's said (with which I agree 100%) I thought I'd add some diverse impressions from the rest of the weekend

- The delicious Thai soup/stew made by the_alchemist the night before. Come to that, all the food was lovely.
- the incredibly girly sleepover atmosphere in the bedroom the night before. We ended up discussing periods for heaven's sake. And mostlyacat coming in and saying "Oooooh!! Girls!!!"
- Ginger Collins the extremely soppy ginger farm cat who popped in & out over the course of the weekend - including jumping on my script just as I was being Gorbag (an Orc). Given the combination of that and andrewwyld's outrrrrageous French accent as Shagrat, I was quite pleased that I still managed to deliver my lines on cue and without cracking up.
- The gorgeous weather. Okay, we were indoors for most of the day, but I spent some time outside before we started the readthrough, and we all ate lunch outside.
- explaining boses and nugs to spindlemere - initially on the Friday night, and then along with gnimmel and purplepiano in a pleasantly relaxed conversation after lunch.
- Bose juice - a cream-soda based soft drink made to a secret recipe by yvesilena and consumed in large quantities during the readthrough
- The world premiere of my version of I'll Never Tell as sung by Legolas and Gimli - sung by mostlyacat and andrewwyld and accompanied by purplepiano
- Discussions of the parallel quest undertaken by sheep during the action of Lord of the Rings
- The huge hugfest that happened when we finished the final episode
- Just the generally wonderful atmosphere during the whole thing
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