August 8th, 2003

Postbox Fairy

Vague Praise

There is a tendency, I think, to assume that when someone is particularly good at something (singing, acting, drawing etc.) that they must know this, and don't need other people to tell them. That just saying "wow - you're really talented" would be inane, unnecessary, and possibly even irritating.

Perhaps that is true of some people, but it's not true of me, and doesn't seem to be true of a lot of my (often multi-talented) friends. Even if someone thinks they might be quite good at whatever-it-is there's always a nagging suspicion that they're not, and that any praise they receive for individual things they do is either a fluke, or someone being kind by picking out the least-worst elements of what they've done.

So I guess this post is a promotion for general as well as specific praise.
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