September 10th, 2003

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September 11th

I mentioned the one day's pay do-something-good-on-September-11th initiative in my journal a few weeks ago.

However, the volunteer co-ordinators at work weren't able to organise anything due to other commitments, and I've been lax about organising anything myself (due to a combination of demands at work, smallness with regard to asking other people if they'd like to join in, and general procrastination).

So. Has anyone got any suggestions for what I could do tomorrow? I'll definitely donate some money to charity (any suggestions?) but I'd like to do something (for half an hour, or an hour) as well.
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Postbox Fairy


Since people have been letting me ask them anything in the comments of a recent entry of mine.

And more to the point because I want to.

Ask me anything.
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