November 27th, 2003

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Politics of the little black (or red, or purple) dress

At the weekend, I was complaining to mirabehn how women's formalwear tends to be about making the wearer look sexually attractive and decorative, in a way that men's formalwear isn't; and how this disparity was annoying, and caused difficulties when dressing for office Christmas parties - trying to find the balance between wanting to look pretty and wanting to be taken seriously.

Today, we got an e-mail to say that the dress for our department Christmas party tomorrow is to be "business casual" and I'm now feeling cheated of the chance to dress up in a nice party frock and high-heeled sandals.

I suppose you can conclude from this either that I'm inconsistent and/or hypocritical; or that I want to see both men and women dressed in sexy, sparkly, brightly-coloured things.
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Postbox Fairy


I've passed my latest actuarial exam!

(results published on the website this evening)

At first I was a little unsure, because I couldn't recall telling them about my name change, but then I remembered that I had done when I renewed my subscription.

So unless there was another LH Stanton sitting 302 in September...

I've passed!!!
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