January 1st, 2004

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Happy 2004, everyone.

Both my last year's resolutions were partially achieved, in that I didn't manage ten minutes of yoga each morning, but I have got into the habit of doing the salute to the sun more mornings than not. The seeing two classical concerts one I just squeezed by on by virtue of going to two chamber music recitals in Venice whilst on honeymoon, although when the resolution was made I was thinking more in terms of full orchestral stuff.

This year, I have
- Stop accessing lj from work (most of the time, it's fine, but sometimes it becomes too much of a distraction, and probably does impact the quality of my work. Plus I'm working on a couple of interesting projects over the first couple of months of 2004, so it seems a good time to wean myself off it).
- Cut down on dairy products (I'm not going to attempt full veganism, but the dairy industry is really rather unpleasant in places, plus it did seem to do good things to my skin when I gave up dairy for Lent a few years ago). Going to start by having soya milk on cereal instead of regular milk. Will stick to regular milk in tea & coffee though 'cos trying to get soya milk not to curdle in those circumstances is too much hassle.
- Get up as soon as the alarm goes off every morning. Again, something which had good results when I did it for Lent.
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Website facelift

This evening, I've finally got round to converting my site to use css (not uploaded yet). It's going well, and I thought I'd take this opportunity to reorganise it and make it a bit smarter, slicker, and generally more attractive and so I'd like your input on various questions.

Poll #227320 My Website


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Page and text colours

Should be uniform throughout the site
Can differ between pages, but there should be a limited palette of colours used overall
Should be whatever best suits the individual page

And what colours do you think would generally best suit my site?

Strong (e.g. reds & blacks)
Cool pastels (e.g. pale pinks & blues)
Creamy shades (e.g. ivory, cinnamon)
Other (specify below)

Other suggested colour scheme

If the information on a page is several screens long (e.g. OMWF or the poetry pages on my site)

I would rather it was split into several pages with good links between them
I would rather have it as one long page which I can scroll down

If you have any other suggestions, dos and dont's, or good sites to look at (either as examples, or with useful advice) please comment below.

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