January 28th, 2004

Postbox Fairy

OMWLOTR update

Once More with Lord of the Rings in now has both pictures, and the ability to add comments (at the bottom of the page).

I think it still needs some reorganisation (I may end up resorting to frames, as it's the only browser-robust way I'm aware of to allow me to keep the titles of the songs visible at all times, which I'd like to be able to do), but I'd rather improve things step-by-step than with a 'big bang' approach.

I'm pleased with the effect of some of the pictures. I defy anyone not to be at least slightly amused by Gimli and Legolas's expressions in the part of I'll never tell starting "He's great, He's greater, We just couldn't be straighter." and the pictures work just as effectively to counterpoint some of the more serious parts of the songs as well.
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