January 30th, 2004

Postbox Fairy

Secret Crush Meme

You may be aware that the Secret Crush Meme has returned in a third incarnation. This time not only can you choose to pay to see who stated they had a crush on you, you can also pay to see all the people that a given user stated that they had a crush on. You pay via paypal, and they e-mail you the results.

Now, if I were evil (and the makers of this site certainly seem to have this sort of evilness in spades), I would store the information gathered in this version and then when the stream of payments dried up, I would release Secret Crush Meme 4, which would tell you the number of people who had requested your list of crushes, and invite you to pay (sorry, "donate") a small sum to find out their e-mail addresses.

It would be a cunning twist, and a particularly nice table-turn on those who would pay for those results on the basis (which I've heard expressed) that "those who enter that sort of information (who they have crushes on) on the web ought to realise it's a public medium, and so they deserve all they get."
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