February 4th, 2004

Postbox Fairy


Googletalk is fun. You enter the start of a sentence, and it googles for the most common next word. Then it googles again, including the word it's just added but leaving off the first word of the sentence and so on, until you press stop or it can't find a match. Cue much nonsense, of an occasionally appropriate kind.

Some of mine (words in bold are those I typed)

Liz is very close to THE Edge of the WORLD

I have a secret plan to drive hundreds of miles to the west of the imagination

I then found fragments of Shakespeare worked rather well. You start off by hitting the quote you intended of course, but then it starts to go odd.

following darkness like a dream, Now i know that I am God.

arise fair sun and kill the people in the news.

not poppy nor mandragora Nor all your base Are belong to Us
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