February 5th, 2004

Postbox Fairy

More Googletalk

A fruitful vein for googletalk seems to be "My x is about" where x is 'livejournal', 'poem', 'song' etc.

my livejournal is about boys throwing themselves at me and I ll tell you What I Really Think Of you For sending it to me. I ll Read to You. Stories to Share from the drop- down menu,

my journal is about how I see the world A little better. I think I am in LOVE with a Girl

my diary is about me, and my Work. in the designworkshop

my blog is about my life and my Life with The Thrill Kill Kult MY, Life WITH The Thrill Kill Kult MY, Life WITH The Thrill Kill Kult [ad infinitum]

my weblog is about the journey of the Magi TS. Eliot A poem By- Poem Analysis by George Williamson. Paperback) February Editions:

my novel is about a young man who Blew Up A plane jack Gilbert Graham) Vampire

my poem is about a man who has No right to criticize the government… and its citizens it is not an ack for the previous packet and the current packet. loss rate and the number of the beast: By Captain Bobo. Chapter One

my song is about a man who has No imagination has no wings. Muhammad Ali. The most famous boxer in the world. until the end of The WORLD As We Know it by the way you can get a better deal on your next car. purchase. Registration required. http: www. datetheuk. com. Dating. co. uk free chat dating. Now,
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Edit: One final one: the longest extract I've yet obtained

I wrote a poem about it. You can t manage it if you can t FIND what you re Looking For? In a church? and they are the only ONES who have the most to gain from a growing economy and a growing population, of elderly people living in the community: and the University to legal liability. and/ loss of rent cover. is automatically given, BY the system, of records, including the collection, of the Museum of the Moving Image in all its forms: and manifestations. and to prevent and treat Cancer With Natural Medicine How To Stay healthy in the heat? By running in the same process. and the same paint, was used on the first day of class The first day of class The instructor will not be able to get a job in the Gaming industry: By the American people, to Iodine from Nevada Atomic Bomb Tests: Review of the National Ambient air Quality Standards. NAAQS) for ozone and PARTICULATE matter Standards are based on the DEC PCI chipset Here is a quote from the Navajo Horse Prayer: I am wealthy because I am not, a Christian by Bertrand Russell. Web site) III.
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