March 23rd, 2004

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Thanks to everyone who's wished me a happy birthday!

Also, I have now managed to see the last episode of Sex and the City, courtesy of E4.

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Postbox Fairy

One example of why my husband is wonderful

vectorious quite often brings me tea when I'm at the computer. Many times he will also surprise me with a Little Something of the order of a jaffa cake, or similar small sweet thing. Now of course after doing this a few times it ceases to be a surprise, so he has to develop increasingly innovative ways of surprising me. An elementary approach is to hide something behind his back. A more sophisticated one is to bring out from behind his back one jaffa cake, and a moment or so later reveal a second one in his other hand.

Today, he arrived empty-handed (apart from the tea), but he had a hot cross bun balanced on his head.
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