April 9th, 2004

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Matt and I are planning a visit to Cambridge tomorrow. Anyone want to meet up?

In other news, my Easter break is going rather well so far. Got up at 8:30 and went to a great little bakers in town to buy fresh croissants and a baguette, passing through the market on the way and buying some geraniums (to plant in pots) and some pink/purple freesias (to put in vases), and also stopped in M&S for fresh orange juice.

Then had a leisurely breakfast with vectorious involving the aforesaid croissants, baguettes & orange juice plus fresh tea & coffee, jam & yoghurts; with conversation on topics including (but not restricted to) bindweed, dinosaurs, Japanese cuisine, the attitude of the Americans to the French, and what peasants did for vitamin C in the winter. I love my husband. I definitely need someone who can meet my needs for that sort of mental and verbal stimulation.

Then I went into the garden, and planted the geraniums, and also some lupins I'd bought earlier in the week. Came in, washed my hands and lazed around for a bit. Then nipped to the local shop for a paper and also for flour, butter and sugar to make hot cross buns.

Hot cross bun dough is now rising in a bowl. I plan to spend the afternoon studying (next actuarial exam is a week on Tuesday) whilst listening to the St Matthew Passion on Radio 3; and with breaks to do hot cross bun related things.

Not sure about this evening - cinema visit is a possibility.
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