April 13th, 2004

Postbox Fairy

Musings on imitating a domestic goddess.

I want people to praise and admire me for being a fantastic housekeeper (.../cook/gardener, etc.). But I also want them to think that I do it all effortlessly. I suspect in my efforts to induce the latter, I reduce my chances of inducing the former. Essentially, I'm less likely to draw attention to my efforts or sing my own praises in these areas than in other areas such as art or writing (except perhaps to vectorious and occasionally a few other people).

Actually, I get a perfectly gratifying level of praise for my cooking already (probably as much as it deserves, anyway), and it's not as if my house is any kind of haven of domestic perfection. I suppose I'm just greedy, really :) (and, more seriously, these are things I put quite a bit of effort into, even if the results aren't always apparent).
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