May 19th, 2004

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RPS rec

Okay, I know some people on my friends list will disapprove of this, being as it's real person slash, but I think it's just too good not to share with those for whom that's not a problem.

It's perfectly paced and told almost entirely through dialogue and beautifully observed body language. Bittersweet, but more sweet than bitter.

All you really need in terms of background is that Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson have been friends for years and are very comfortable with one another physically; that they have made several movies together - most recently Starsky and Hutch; and that in Starsky and Hutch there is a scene in which a prisoner makes them pretend to be sexy dragons (yes, you did read that right) and act out various things in return for giving them information. Also, Ben is married and in general, Owen is perceived as the breezier, more laid-back of the pair (you can also find a lovely - though large - picture of them over on ben_owen which is where I found this)

Written by kho. Doesn't seem to have a title. PG-13.

Another piece of hers here for the same pairing and hovering just a smidgen over the slash line is also rather sweet.
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