June 24th, 2004

Postbox Fairy

I don't normally post about football but...

...well, you can't say it wasn't dramatic.

To be honest, England didn't play well enough to deserve to win anyway; from the moment Rooney came off it looked like it wasn't if but when Portugal would score.

But that referee...

Matt & I were already criticising him at half time. It wasn't even as if you could understand but disagree with his decisions, they were just 'Wha..?'

Extra time, and we actually manage to pull back a goal but then it's penalties, and they're basically luck (though I'm not quite sure what Beckham was trying to do).

Oh well. Suspect if we'd won this one we'd only have gone out next match anyway.

But if only we'd had Collina again or y'know anyone who could actually referee a football match properly it would be a little less annoying.
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