July 9th, 2004

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Actuarial Exams

Results were out tonight. Passed one failed one, which I'm fairly content with (would have liked to pass 'em both, obviously, but I sort of feel so long as I'm making progress... and I'm pretty sure I can get the one I failed on a retake)

Astonished and pleased at the success of the interests meme - over 2000 takers as of this morning, and judging by comments and random journal perusing many more today - I'll be checking the server stats with interest once they've updated again tonight.
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Postbox Fairy


As of this morning, the interests meme had been accessed

50,551 times

I mean, okay, a large chunk of those will probably be multiple hits where it's timed out for people but still.

*is speechless*

actually, swears loudly in disbelief, but I'm keeping this clean as I suspect I have a load of additional readers passing through at the moment *waves*
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