July 11th, 2004

Postbox Fairy

MSND readthrough


Lovely people, lovely readthrough. *smiles at everyone*. One of the nicest things about A Midsummer Night's Dream is quite how much of an ensemble piece it is: it just doesn't have the thankless 'Third Gentleman' type roles (okay, the fairies don't get to say much more than 'Ready' and their names, but they're easily cross casted with the Mechanicals who all get some good lines)

Sadly the weather wasn't quite good enough to have it outside, and my attempt to create a fairy grove ambience by hanging up coloured lanterns with tealights inside was rather spoiled by their tendency to drip hot wax on people. Still, that's the British weather for you. Arcadia next summer I think. I already have some casting ideas but I am going to resist the temptation to set them down, as casting a readthrough a year in advance really would be ridiculous.

Oh, and to blow my own trumpet a little, the berry fruit salad I made was exceedingly yummy and I must make it again sometime (and I think some other people agreed with me as the bowl was fairly thoroughly emptied)
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