July 24th, 2004

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Communal activities

I have just added 'communal activities' to my livejournal interests list. No-one else has this listed so it makes it my second unique interest after 'non-perfectionism' (Edit: 'group activities' is listed by some people so I've added that as well)

This was sparked by spending some time today doing some voluntary work (repainting a primary school) as part of Elfun (GE's employee volunteer organisation). I realised that apart from the satisfaction of the work itself (both the physical pleasure of labouring, and the ability to step back and appreciate the visible difference you've made) and the satisfaction of doing something altruistic, there was a third source of satisfaction: that of simply working peaceably alongside others to achieve a common goal. I find it a way of being with people - whether friends, strangers, or those anywhere inbetween - which is both soothing and refreshing.
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Googling 'communal activities' to see if there was a better term for what I meant in my previous entry I came upon this rather interesting article.