August 5th, 2004

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National Theatre


Due to lack of available tickets for the dates in question (and speed of sale) we have gone ahead and bought:

6 tickets for History Boys on SATURDAY 20 NOVEMBER
3 tickets for Stuff Happens on FRIDAY 1 OCTOBER (unchanged)
6 tickets for His Dark Materials I on SATURDAY 19 FEBRUARY
6 tickets for His Dark Materials II on FRIDAY 25 FEBRUARY

If you have completed the poll already we'll shortly be e-mailing you to check whether you can make the revised dates for the play(s) of your choice. If you have not yet completed the poll and would like to join us for any of these, please arrange to buy your own tickets (this can be done via the National Theatre website accessible via the links below)

Various good plays on at the National Theatre now & in coming months.

History Boys
Stuff Happens
His Dark Materials (in two parts)

vectorious and I plan to go on the following dates, and wondered if any of you lot would like to join us for one or more of them. Obviously if a lot of people respond we won't necessarily be able to get tickets for everyone, but we'll see what we can do (we'll only get tickets if they're next to each other or close e.g. the row behind). These dates were all available at the time of writing, but it's possible they'll sell out in which case I'll let you all know about alternative dates.

Also we usually go for fairly good seats (top price or next band down) - if you'd like to come but to sit somewhere cheaper, please buy your own tickets (otherwise it all just gets too complicated to organise) but do comment below so we can meet up before/after/at interval.

Poll #331650 Theatre trips

Please try to buy me a ticket for

History Boys: Friday 10th September
Stuff Happens: Friday 1 October
His Dark Materials Part I: Saturday 22 January
His Dark Materials Part II: Saturday 29 January

If you would like more than one ticket for any play, please tick the box and then comment below saying how many tickets you'd like.
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