November 26th, 2004

Postbox Fairy

Unconnected things to do with stuff I've been seeing, reading, and writing

1) The Incredibles I realised yesterday how appropriate Parr is as a surname for a family of superheroes who are pretending to be ordinary.

2) His Dark Materials. In Lyra's world, the Bible exists, but is different from ours in that it talks about people's daemons. This made me wonder what Christ's daemon would have been. It also seemed to me possible that it wouldn't be stated explicitly anywhere in the Bible, and various churches would then have schismed over the question.

3) A quick plug for adventcalendar. This is my livejournal advent calendar journal, and this year I'll be posting a 100 word story/meditation/vignette each day which taken together will tell the story of the Nativity. There's also going to be a bonus entry for the first Sunday in Advent, which is this coming Sunday, so if adventcalendar isn't on your friends list and you want it to be, add it now so you don't miss anything.

[Edit having installed the below a couple of hours ago]
4) Half Life 2. This mainly consists of me going shitshitshitshitshitFUUUUCK at the monitor as I try not to die. It is, despite or more likely because of this, immense fun as well as being visually gorgeous (though the whole Steam must-be-online-to-play thing is rather irritating edit 2 - looks like you can switch this off, but generally it's all a bit dodgy ).