February 12th, 2005

Postbox Fairy

140205 checker

I had originally planned to make this more sophisticated, using caching etc. so it'd run faster, and also do more than just point you at the pages where any valentines can be found, but lacking time/technical expertise I haven't done so, and as it's got a limited shelf life I figured I'd release it as is.

Valentines Checker

What this does is search for your username in entries at the 140205 livejournal. This is a journal specifically set up for livejournal users to leave valentines for one another.

It takes a few minutes to run, due to the aforesaid lack of caching etc, so I suggest you open it in a separate window/tab and get on with something else while it does its stuff, but it should still be faster than scanning every page yourself.

I'm hoping this'll take off in the same way as the interests checker did (though obviously it's got a far more limited shelf life) so feel free to repost the link in your own lj.

Edit: I've just thought of one significant flaw with the script as it stands - if you've left a (non-anonymous, obviously) valentine for someone on the same entry your username would be under it'll pick that up, as well as any genuine valentines.