April 25th, 2005

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A few months ago, the_alchemist asked if I'd ever seriously considered becoming an MP.

It had never crossed my mind before then, but when she said it, I had a think, and went actually, yeah. I reckon I could do that. For various reasons (wanting to complete my actuarial qualification, for one) I don't think now is the time, but there may come a point where I give it more serious consideration.

The reason I'm suddenly posting about it now is that last night I went along to a 'Question Time' session for all the candidates standing in our constituency; and I reckon I could've done better than at least one of the candidates (the UKIP guy) with no preparation; and about as well as most of the others with sufficient preparation. The only one I would have been nowhere near is our current MP, Peter Lilley, and since he's had decades of Parliamentary experience, that's not surprising.
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Which is as much as to say, I'm still undecided how to vote on May 5th.