May 11th, 2005

Postbox Fairy

Vogon poetry meme

(from andrewwyld)

Write a piece of Vogon Poetry (Vogon Poetry being the universe's third-worst) and then post it, and this instruction line, in your own journal.

Ode to a small piece of putty I found in my ear one midsummer evening

this putty
it glistens dervigullantly
with the golden-amber-nectar of my magnificent earwax

this putty
is like my soul
resplendent in its own corruption
my self-loathing flollops floopily in the watery wastelands of my primaeval pulchritude

this putty
soft and grey on the outside
hard as arcturan megadiamonds in the centre

(the whole galaxy shall be bored
and vogon ships shall through its centre creep
via glorious hyperspatial bypasses)

this putty
i stare at it for

and write poetry about it.
Postbox Fairy

Some happy news

I've just received an e-mail from a complete stranger who wants to publish one of my urban fairy pictures in a free magazine he contributes to. (I've given him permission).


Edit: I've found out a little more now - the magazine is Pagan Dawn, and it'll be used to illustrate an article on road protesters, focusing on those who use pagan and faery themes as part of their protests.