July 10th, 2005

Postbox Fairy

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Just back from a theatre trip to London, which involved King's Cross station and the tube. I wasn't frightened; more slightly defiant if anything. It was eerie to see the tube quite so empty though (the Metropolitan line was running, but Circle line and Hammersmith and City line trains which normally run from the same platform weren't, and in general there were far fewer people than usual). There were also a large number of police officers at King's Cross, though they didn't appear to be doing much other than maintaining a visible presence. They were almost equalled in number by photographers, clearly wandering around looking for photojournalistic shots that would capture the moment. On a more sobering note, a number of 'missing - have you seen this person?' posters were dotted around outside the station.

No point to this post really, just felt like capturing the moment myself.