July 20th, 2005

Postbox Fairy

Interview meme

Interview meme - questions from robert_jones. As is usual with this meme, comment if you'd like me to ask you some questions.

What do you do when you're feeling angry?
When I'm angry with myself, I withdraw. Sometimes I can channel the energy of the anger into doing something useful - typically cleaning the house or weeding the garden, in violent movements and sometimes close to tears - though I won't actually cry unless I'm forced to talk to someone while still in that state.

When I'm angry with others, I generally moan about it to vectorious. I usually analyse it quite a lot as well: what exactly am I angry about? Is that justified? Have I contributed to the situation in some way? I rarely tell people when I am angry with them, although I may point out if they have caused me trouble or inconvenience, and suggest how they could avoid doing so in future. (Note to the paranoid: It is very rare for me to be angry with people so you needn't worry that I am silently seething about something)

Do you miss Oxford?
No. It feels so long ago now, and I like the life I have now too much to have a great deal in the way of longing for what was. I didn't make the most of my time there but I don't regret that all that much - I made reasonable choices, given who I was at the time, and I doubt I would have got a First if I had spent large amounts of time at parties or societies. The fact that I have since fallen in with a group of friends who are keen on doing experience-broadening things like readthroughs and large group holidays helps: it allows me to enjoy the perks of a grown-up life such as money and a nice house, without any sense of stagnation which there might otherwise be.

I don't miss things much as a general rule anyway. I sometimes wonder what this says about me.

What's the point of life?
To participate and to appreciate. It's something like a dance - finding a rhythm, moving in harmony with others, but ensuring you retain a joyful spontaneity at the same time.

Which of your paintings or drawings is your favourite?
From a technical point of view, the lamppost fairy, the portrait of smallclanger and the recursive sofa all came out very close to my initial vision of them, which is always pleasing. I also like the simplicity of my illustrations of Saba and Cleopatra from yvesilena's retelling of Cinderella.

Emotionally, I do like the postbox fairy (my icon), which seems to sum up something intangible about the way I interact with the world. I'm fond of her pleasantly enigmatic expression.

But I don't feel I've yet created anything that's really special - there's nothing I've yet done in a visual medium that I'm as proud of as the best of the advent drabbles, for example.

Where's the highest you've ever stood on the ground?
The highest I've stood is - I think - the Schilthorn in the Swiss Alps at 2970m - but as I only stood on a viewing platform I don't know if that counts as 'ground'. The highest at which I've actually wandered around a large area is the Kodaikanal hill station in south India at 2133m.