August 18th, 2005

Postbox Fairy

Stereo System giveaway

Anyone want our old midi hi-fi system? It's an Aiwa with radio, 3 cd changer and twin cassette decks, in fully working order (Edit: vectorious has just reminded me that the volume knob is a bit temperamental, which I'd forgotten), and it's just been sitting in the corner of our living room gathering dust since we bought our new system (with the shiny speakers) last year.

Preference given either to someone who will be at the Sapphic Suite flatwarming party on Saturday (so we can hand it over then) or who can pick it up from our house. (ashfae expressed an interest a while ago, but we failed to think of any sensible way to get it from our place to hers, and we want to get rid of it, so I'm throwing the offer open again)

Edit: taken by rathenar