August 31st, 2005

Postbox Fairy

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Apropos of the_alchemist's recent entry on lj security.

vectorious and I often access lj when the other one is in the room, and occasionally read over each others shoulders. This means that if you write filtered entries accessible to only one of us, I can't guarantee that the other one won't inadvertantly see it. If an entry is marked with the words 'highly filtered' or something equivalent, and vectorious can see the screen, I will generally scroll past it quickly and go back to read it at some later point when he is not there, but obviously the fact that you have written a filtered entry (and possibly a sentence or two of it) - will be known to him (I would not divulge the contents of such an entry). If it doesn't have any such marker and doesn't appear to relate to anything highly confidential, I have a tendency to assume it is likely to be a general friendslocked entry, and hence assume that he will have access to it as well if he is on your friends list, and therefore take no action to prevent him reading it.

Therefore if you make an entry you would be really bothered about him seeing, it would be safer to not include me in the friends filter for that entry. If you are less bothered but would still strongly prefer him not to read it, you can filter me in, note that the entry is highly confidential, and place the rest of the entry behind an lj cut.

I hope that people think this is a reasonable approach. If you do think that this is unreasonable, and that I should be taking more care in preventing him from seeing my friends page (and vice versa), then let me know and I'll reconsider.