September 14th, 2005

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I was cleaning up my C: drive at work this morning, and as part of that I did a search for files of over 1MB to see if any of them were things I could safely delete.

I discovered that the Batang font file (batang.ttf) was 15,157KB - 30 times larger than the next largest font file.

Does anyone know why it's so large?

(I'm running Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, if that helps)

Edit: Ah - I assume it's because it also includes a full set of Korean characters
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I asked borusa what I should do now, by the end of 2005, and in the next 5 years, and for 'now' he told me Write 100 words on the first thing that comes into your head. You can't edit at all, and you shouldn't stop typing other than to check your word count...

The result:

We have recently got new vending machines for drinks at work. The tea is extremely malty - Horlicks or Maltesers malty. The weird thing is that the first time I tasted it I thought "I've never tasted tea like this" and then a few days later I did. We keep vaguely talking in the department about clubbing together for a kitty to buy milk and teabags and instant coffee, but no-one can ever be arsed to sort it out. Metaphor for life, society, whatever, I guess.

I have just done a word count and that first paragraph is 84 words which means I have sixteen left. And now I’m done.