September 28th, 2005

Postbox Fairy

Science, truth, reality

Western 'scientific/rational' thought locates 'reality' outside our heads, with our senses as imperfect instruments for perceiving it. By this definition, things like Feng Shui with their talk of energy flows are nonsense, because there isn't anything 'out there' that corresponds to this supposed flow of energy (or at any rate, it is only the discovery of such an objective, external, element that would validate the assertions from a scientific point of view).

However, if instead, reality is defined as the subjective experience (as, it seems to me, some other cultures do), then it makes perfect sense - that energy flow is a way of describing the subjective way that a harmonious, uncluttered room produces a harmonious uncluttered level of attention - as opposed to a cluttered room in which the attention bounces around all over the place, and gets 'stuck' at particular points. And there is a boost in mental/emotional energy on entering a pleasant environment, and a corresponding slump on entering an unpleasant one.
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