October 23rd, 2005

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Ghost story telling party

Yay. I think that counts as a success. Eight people, each telling a ghost story they'd written/devised themselves, followed by dinner & chat.

My favourite was probably libellum's eerie and evocative story, told from the point of view of Penelope when Odysseus returns home, though he is not - it seems to her - quite fully there any more. However, both romauld's mythic, dreamlike story of a river-spirit, which condensed several thousand years of history into ten or fifteen minutes, and spindlemere's witty and self-referential tale of a writer writing a ghost story gave it a good run for its money.

Other people's stories
robert_jones' story
libellum's story
the_alchemist's story

My story pales somewhat in comparison (and that's not false modesty - there were some really fantastic stories told last night), but for anyone who's interested, I've posted it below.

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lovecrafty (in a friendslocked entry, quoted with permission), describes a fascinating restaurant in Seattle he ate at, which I thought might also appeal to some of you...
Essentially, Teatro ZinZanni is a fine restaurant set in a circus tent. At the beginning of the show, the restaurant's staff wanders around, introducing themselves, and generally coming off as weird and vaguely creepy. As the night goes on, things get stranger and stranger. The "owner" is a Mexican Elvis impersonator named El Vez, the host is a drag queen named Mabel, and the wine host Bernard does a balancing and juggling act. The pastry chef is a contortionist, the busboy does an absolutely amazing sword balancing act on a trapeze, and there's more: a vertical rope act, audience participation/humiliation, singing, dancing, acrobatics, comedy, and even a yodeling German dominatrix. In short, it is utter insanity with a five course meal.